Parental Control – Block Pornography – Whole Home Internet Security – Mobile

Parental Control – Block Pornography – Whole Home Internet Security – Mobile

Since 2010, Kibosh, the Internet as it should be.

The Kibosh 360, updated in 2018, is a powerful Internet Security, and Parental Control solution that will thoroughly remove all forms objectionable content from your Internet, and give you the ability to easily control Internet access times, per device.

The 360 attaches to any router adding a powerful 300Mbps Wi-Fi (upgradable) with Advanced Parental Controls + Whole Home Protection for maximum coverage.

Objectionable content blocked immediately – no effort needed on your part post setup.

Easy management via Browser & Mobile apps giving you control from anywhere.

Proprietary Internet categorization technology covering billions of Web pages for the most accurate filtering.

Kibosh Filter:

  • Pornographic websites blocked
  • SafeSearch Enforced
  • Enable / disable YouTube SafeMode: Moderate or Strict
  • Bad search terms blocked
  • Enterprise grade anti-malware, and anti-phishing (crypto-locker) blocking
  • Put time limits on websites
  • SafeSearch Lock-In
  • Schedule Internet Access times
  • Activity Logs
  • Block categories of Internet content

Bulletproof: Image, and Video searches will never contain nudity on any device. 100% coverage (no missed devices) gives peace of mind.

Protection extends to all devices seamlessly, without any client-side software: Plug-n-Play!

Includes protection for up to 3 mobile: Android, iOS, or Windows Laptop. Protection over carrier, and Wi-Fi. More available if needed.

One year of Internet Security, and Support at 29.99 /yr. is included. Life-time warranty on hardware.

Professional phone support for setup.

Psalm 101:3, we can’t unsee images. Kibosh solves this problem unlike anything else available today.

Plug and play – Whole home / office – Unlimited device
Explicit content blocked by default with no extra configuration needed.
SafeSearch enforced with SafeSearch Lock-In
Internet Security: Malware, Virus, Phishing, Search Proxies, DNS Hijackers.
Includes protection for 3 mobile devices: Android, iOS, or Windows.

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